ANDES unit in CLAF

The ANDES unit in CLAF was created during the 4th workshop in Mexico.

The 4th ANDES workshop in Mexico ended with the creation of the ANDES unit as part of the Latin American Center for Physics (CLAF), under resolution 1/2014 of the CLAF, in order to work towards the construction of a unique underground laboratory of the southern hemisphere.

The ANDES unit is the fifth unit created by CLAF. It is formed by representative of CLAF countries participating to the ANDES initiative. On the signature day, these were Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico.

The representative are Dr. Osvaldo Civitarese, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina; Dr. João dos Anjos, Observatório Nacional, Brasil; Dr. Claudio Dib, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile and Dr. Juan Carlos D'Olivo Saez, Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares/UNAM, México. The Dr. Xavier Bertou from Centro Atómico Bariloche, Argentina, was named general coordinator of the unit.

The CLAF resolution can be consulted in pdf (in spanish).