BIO Cellular redox metabolism and exogenous agent like ionizing radiation are the major source of DNA damage. Double strand break are the principal lesion of DNA that could produce different kind of mutation. These mutations may induce changes or loss of the genetic function of the DNA, leading to the development of numerous pathologies.

Generally, damage and repair cellular processes could be studied by exposing cells to a damage agent, but always control cells show a basal DNA damage due to cellular metabolism. A radiation-free laboratory may allow studying the relevance of the contribution of the cosmic radiation to the basal DNA damage and, in consequence, to the development of pathologies like cancer.

In addition, it will be also possible to study the influence of cosmic radiation over the modulation of antioxidant enzyme system since the ionizing radiation produces reactive oxygen species. Ageing processes are also associated with free radical generation and in this context it would be interesting to evaluate the influence of the cosmic radiation in senescence.

The possibility of working in a radiation-free condition would be a great opportunity to study these effects in numerous biological processes.