What do we understand by outreach in the ANDES project?

We understand by outreach the continuous process of development, implementation and evaluation of activities. The main goal of these activities is the exchange of knowledge between those of us who participate in the underground laboratory project and the diferrent communities in our society. Our objective is to work cooperatively to increase our understanding of reality and the basic principles of nature.

Why do we think it is important to work in this kind of activities?

ANDES was born as an international multidisciplinary project, constituting an effort to advance in the construction of the knowledge humanity possesses, though research in the area of basic sciences. We believe the best way to go through the path that leads to the construction of knowledge is achieved collectively.

Outreach activities should be beneficial in the search for a better understanding of the public perception of our research and, perhaps, provide insights that can be useful to the ANDES project.

#darkmatterday2023 - October 31

Activities coordinates by andeslab.

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